The Tea Cup Project

Claudia started exploring environmental artworks and sculptures and the use of recycled material through her BMA study at Wintec. This resulted in "Cornucopia", a well-received installation at the city campus based on consumerism and the 'throw-away society' we live in. Afterwards she was left with all this material and her tutor encouraged her to send a proposal to the Hamilton Gardens for a possible work, hoping it could be placed as a feature. The Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival commissioned Claudia to create this work. Over a period of three months  Claudia worked on constructing a large cup, saucer and spoon by weaving corokia hedge clippings around a steel construction. The installation was inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter Tea Party  and the feedback has been great. "The large scale of the work makes you feel like a child again" and Claudia says   "that is what I love about creating art and especially on a larger scale; the amazement on people’s faces is priceless".



steel construction spoon
steel construction cup and saucer
start of covering the cup
start covering saucer
taking shape
cup covered with final layer
almost there
transport to Hamilton Gardens
saucer in two parts for transport
at the Hamilton Gardens
final touches
on site
Mad Hatter approves the work!


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