In Transition

Death is as much a part of our lives as being born yet it appears as if we live in a world where we refuse to believe that it will happen to us. Research has shown that this idea is based on the fear we have for death and therefore we avoid it. By avoiding the topic we deny ourselves knowing anything about it and maintain that fear. If we were to acknowledge the inevitability of death we would offer ourselves the chance to learn and accept that this universal event will not only give us the opportunity to live well - but die well too.


“In Transition” concentrates on a visual research of the transitional phases of death and dying. Through this research I want to show the audience how I have experienced this stage in life, which I was privileged to witness with five very special families. These families allowed me into their home and let me share the most intimate stage when faced with the inevitable end of the life of a loved one.


This past year has brought me an enormous source of knowledge, wisdom, fulfilment and above all joy. To be able to share this time with these families and offer them a means to educate themselves and those around them in how to deal with the situation as it unfolds, how to talk about it and how to approach people in this situation has been a profound and humbling experience. Their strength has been remarkable to witness and they have set an example for all of us who will follow. 



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